This is National HME

What started as local medical equipment company servicing hospice patients in Dallas / Fort Worth has evolved into the nation’s largest and most comprehensive DME solution.

Today’s DME Landscape

In the DME world you have DME providers and DME Network Managers or, Third Party Administrators.

DME Provider

Assumes the risk, owns the assets, and directly controls the service and quality provided to hospice patients.

DME Network Managers (TPA)

Has contract with hospice, provides technology, and depends on the local DME providers to execute services on their behalf.

The Problem

It’s a necessity for a hospice agency to utilize technology and consolidate the fragmented process. Because of this reality DME Network Managers (TPA’s) obtain the contract with the hospice and dictate the price. Over commitments create unrealistic expectations for local providers resulting in compromised service delivered to patients.

Our Solution

What if it was possible to have both? You can when utilizing Hospice Cloud as your management platform. Gain access to 60 owned and operated service centers across the country. We are the largest direct service hospice DME company in the United States. In addition to our full service locations we have partnered with 200+ quality, credentialed DME providers across the county. Our DME partners have exclusive access to benefits only we can provide as the largest hospice DME company in the United States.


William Monast

President and Chief Executive Officer

Emily Buxton

Chief Financial Officer

Clay Ingram

Vice President of Business Development

Carrie Jo Howard

Vice President of Hospice Cloud

Mike McAdams

Vice President of Client Management

Tim Ingram

Vice President of Sales

Kim Ostrenga

Senior Vice President of Operations